About Us

Baldja is a majority Indigenous owned incorporated joint venture between Resource Services Group X (RSGx), Wilco Electrical and Kardan Construction.

Engagement and participation with local communities both Indigenous and Non-Indigenous alike is embedded into the DNA of Baldja, this coupled with the combined experience and capabilities of all three companies in construction and commissioning projects across a wide range of industries brings a unique solution to clients.

In addition to commitments around creating employment opportunities for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples and engaging local suppliers on every project, Baldja is committing to set aside 10% of all forecasted profits arising from all projects it is awarded.

This 10% will be used to support local Indigenous training and upskilling programs within the community.

Baldja is committed to create Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples apprenticeship opportunities in addition to the numerous Indigenous apprenticeship opportunities already realised by the three companies.

Frank Mitchell

As a Whadjuk Noongar descendant I am passionate about creating meaningful Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people outcomes. Of course, these outcomes are not made possible without the amazing hard working teams that surround me at Kardan Construction and Wilco Electrical.

Since 2016 we have awarded numerous Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people apprenticeships, traineeships and Aboriginal business contracts. With business growth, comes increased opportunity. In recent years, both Kardan and Wilco have been approached by big corporates and tier one companies on numerous occasions.  This partnership with RSGx will strengthen our capabilities in the mining, energy and infrastructure sectors.  

After six months of meetings, and development of an impermeable shareholders agreement I’m proud to announce Baldja.  A joint venture between RSGx, Kardan Construction & Wiclo Electrical.

Niall Conlon

Baldja was created with the vision of providing meaningful employment opportunities for indigenous Australians, with targets set to provide apprenticeships and sustainable work within the energy, infrastructure and resources sectors.  It was important at the outset for the Baldja team to set ambitious objectives to truly ensure that we make a difference within the Australian Indigenous Community, and with this in mind, 10% of all profits derived from business activities and projects within Baldja will be set aside to fund these objectives.  

I am very proud to have the opportunity to partner RSGx with Wilco Electrical and Kardan Construction, both established Supply Nation registered companies in their own right. Allowing RSGx to enhance it’s service offering, whilst maximising the benefits for Indigenous Australians in a clearly measurable way, is an ideal way to demonstrate our ongoing commitment to the Indigenous communities in which we work.

About the artwork

Baldja engaged and commissioned inspiring NFP organisation, Art vs Depression (AVD). AVD uses art as a platform to encourage and empower those most at risk in our community and helping break down the stigma around mental health.

Gracie from AVD partnered with Jonica Sullivan, an Aboriginal artist from Laverton to collaborate on the Baldja art piece. Although now in her 40’s, Jonica has been passionate about painting  since she was 19. Baldja directors Frank Mitchell and Niall Conlon proposed three fundamental aspects for the art piece. A topical view of Balingup boodja (Frank’s hometown), a topical view of Dublin Hills (Niall’s hometown) in Ireland, and a topical view of the Derbarl Yerrigan (Swan River) for which Baldja’s office resides close by.

Gracie and Jonica harmonised and complemented one another to bring the three aspects together in their own Aboriginal and Maui artistic styles.

In Jonica's own words:

"I remember sitting with my mother, a strong indigenous artist who shared her story many times throughout her life and taught me to do the same. For me, being able to paint brought great joy to me and brought great honour to my family. This helps our culture live on as we pass down our stories and knowledge from family to family and to our grandchildren and friends.

I have had an amazing opportunity to collaborate with Gracie from AVD who brought coffee on a daily basis to Collective Hope – House of Hope where my journey began through a conversation. Gracie asked me to collaborate with him on this new platform which was a dream come true for me. I had an opportunity to tell my story to a wider group of people in a collaborative way. Following the painting which took a few months to complete, I was invited to an unveiling of our art work and I was able to talk to those in the room about my culture and what it meant to me and looking at the painting it was an amazing piece of work that came together so well."