Commercial Solar and Energy Solutions

Taking our environmental responsibility seriously, we remain on the forefront of cutting-edge energy saving technology and to date have installed in excess of 3 Mega-Watts of renewable energy generating capacity. In addition, Baldja also offers solutions for monitoring and metering power use so that we can best advise our clients on the most efficient use of resources to achieve their desired results.

When requesting a quotation, we’ll provide customers a detailed proposal that reviews your current energy consumption levels, future energy use estimates and shows the best solar energy options for your business by taking into account: 

  • Peak usage times vs tariffs
  • Suitability of energy storage options
  • Estimated system yields
  • Investment return
  • Payback period
  • Energy saving options and considerations


Take advantage of immediate cost reductions, reduced carbon emissions and future investment returns today. Get in contact with one of our team members today for a free quotation for your business.