Baldja specialises in the delivery of mechanical and electrical works projects to commercial, private, government and corporate groups.  With the groups experienced teams we’re able to provide our services across a range of industries including; Energy, Water, Infrastructure, Healthcare, Commercial Building, and Defense.

Baldja can support your upcoming project with anything from shutdown labour support through to project management, engineering and design.  We offer a wide range of Mechanical and Electrical services, but the following is a high level key service listing:

Mechanical & Industrial Services:

  • Shutdown support labour provision
  • Flange management and machining
  • Chemical cleaning & decontamination
  • Hydro-static and pneumatic pressure testing
  • Retro jetting of piping to remove debris and scale
  • Heat exchanger re-tubing, cleaning and weld repairs
  • Vibration analysis and condition reporting of rotating equipment

Electrical, Instrumentation & Communication:

  • Instrument calibration
  • Lighting Maintenance
  • Shutdown labour support
  • Fault identification, rectification and monitoring